BD-Power 1047081 Twin Turbo Upgrade

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BD-Power 1047081 Twin Turbo Upgrade For Sale Online. 

FITS FORD POWERSTROKE 6.4L 08-10 Diesel Trucks

The BD-Power 1047080 Twin Turbo Upgrade for your 08-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke are specially built to increase power, performance and spool-up on your truck. The upgraded turbochargers come with larger billet compressor wheels, a redesigned compressor housing, 4-inch intake velocity stack and a custom intake system which will support 600HP-750HP. Besides the obvious performance upgrades, BD-Power also services and tests all of the VGT controls to ensure that these turbochargers will provide reliable, bolt-on power without modification to factory systems. While these turbochargers are designed as an upgraded factory replacement, aftermarket tuning is recommended to take advantage of the full power potential these turbochargers can offer. Great as an upgrade to near stock and modified pickups for towing, street and performance use. Features: Supports 600-750HP 4" High-Velocity Intake System Larger Billet Compressor Wheels Re-Designed Compressor Housing